Projects & Consulting

IT Projects and Consulting

Let us work through the details.


Future, here we come! We’ll sit down with you to create a custom cloud or hybrid-cloud solution. Shifting processing and applications into the cloud can mobilize your workforce, ensure business continuity and ensure almost instant scalability for your business. Not to mention, utilizing the cloud gives you access to high-end technologies with no capital expenditure.

Consulting & Design

With years of experience, knowledge and a whole lot of nerdy knowledge-we can help design your solution. Whether it is a simple network or a complicated nationwide deployment, we’ve got you covered. We’d be happy to consult with our expertise, or just design and implement for you.


It’s not like the movies. Period. Security is a complex and comprehensive discipline. Security cannot simply be enacted by installing a firewall. Anti-Virus, web security, firewalls, Wi-Fi, data security, Windows Updates, Java updates and much more are all part of the security equation. Don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

Outsourced IT

Just like you would pay for an employee but cheaper-It’s one flat rate (minus the liability, insurance, benefits, etc…). Whether you don’t have an IT department, or just want to subsidize it, we can help.

Disaster Recovery

Mother nature, hardware failures or an employee accidentally deleting that million dollar contract is no match for a properly designed recovery plan. Whether it is a simple offsite backup to sophisticated hot fail over sites, we’ve got you covered


With experience dating back to the 90’s we’ve seen the very start of non-mainframe x86 virtual environments and have been working with virtualization ever since.

Structured Cabling

We’ve got the best in the business. Seriously. We’ll send you pictures if you don’t believe us. It doesn’t matter if you’re replacing a old outdated cabling, installing fiber or need us to work with your general contractor.

Voice Over IP

Want to get rid of your germ infested, outdated brick of a phone system? Go digital. VOIP has an immense array of benefits and flexibility that you didn’t know you needed until you’ve seen it.

Online/Onsite Support

If you’re down the street or in China, it doesn’t matter. We can help. Using some pretty cool technology we can control your computer, server and network from a world away.