Cybersecurity & Compliance

Protect Your Data, Manage Your Risks

Scalable cybersecurity strategies for small businesses.


Cybersecurity is a dynamic environment. With digital technologies breaking barriers between people and continents, threats are coming from all directions. Hackers are finding new ways to attack networks and systems. Because of this, governments have placed rigorous compliance requirements to ensure a safe, stable, and resilient cyberspace.

For an enterprise with a dedicated IT department, compliance may not be an issue. But for small and midsize businesses conducting global operations or outsourcing services from outside entities, meeting multiple security standards can be overwhelming.

Justice IT Consulting offers scalable and cost-effective cybersecurity compliance solutions for SMBs in Texas. We’ll work with you closely, from assessing the risks to attaining full compliance.

DoD Cybersecurity Compliance Simplified

The Department of Defense has launched initiatives to allow small businesses to compete for contracts and subcontracts with the federal government. To make sure your operations don’t compromise national security, there are cybersecurity requirements you need to meet to win a contract. Our skilled engineers will build you a strategy to ensure DoD cybersecurity compliance in Texas.

Cybersecurity Solutions for SMBs

Small and medium businesses, regardless of niche or location, are highly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Hackers often target SMBs, knowing that their IT systems aren’t sophisticated enough. Our goal is to bridge the gap between SMBs and enterprise-class cybersecurity by optimizing a security program that meets their budget and needs. We have extensive knowledge of existing regulatory standards and minimum controls in place for privately-owned businesses. Our engineers will make sure you understand the risks in your IT environment and offer solutions to minimize them.

Security Beyond Compliance

While compliance remains a top concern, our goal is to help you protect your business, digital assets, and clients. We will carefully assess your existing IT capabilities, discuss your current and future goals, and align our strategies to fuel your growth. We will advise you and train your staff to understand and apply the best practices in cybersecurity to minimize. From strategy planning to business continuation, we’re here to address all your cybersecurity concerns so you can focus on what matters most to your business.

Hackers find new ways to attack IT networks. We’re here to arm you with robust security technologies at affordable rates. Since 2003, we’ve been helping SMBs in Texas attain cybersecurity compliance.

Call or email us today and let’s secure your business.