Cheaper, Faster, Stronger: Enterprise IT for the SMB

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May 31, 2016
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Cheaper, Faster, Stronger: Enterprise IT for the SMB



When it comes to technology in large companies, everyone knows they have the resources to make it happen, and usually make it happen with their own staff. The ‘big boys’ have the advantage, or at least that’s the common thought. What you can bet on is that most have taken it upon themselves to spend a portion of their income on technology and they have gads of people to decide how to spend it. Small and medium sized business are left out in the cold on this front – or are they????

SMBs can take advantage of technology through the ‘democratization’ of technology that has been going on for the last several years. Enterprise IT is available to all small and medium businesses. As an SMB decision maker, you have the ability to take advantage of all of the things that large businesses do. Do you need folks to be mobile, more productive? Do you need more information to run your business more effectively? Need help with security and finding the right technology to put in place? A technology provider or managed service provider can help you out with all of this. Find the right one and they can become a trusted advisor and a partner to help your business grow. They can help make your business faster, stronger and do it cheaper than the ‘big boys’ do.

There are many tales of small businesses that have used technology to their advantage to grow and become very successful. Read up on the Wal-Mart technology story and see how they got where they are today through technology. You could also read about DeSantis Landscape and their success story of upgrading technology and moving to the cloud.


If you are a medium sized business that has had a little “server sprawl”, a trusted IT advisor can help you consolidate those servers, or maybe even move those to the cloud. Less servers and onsite hardware and a known, small monthly fee instead of a big project based expense that you’ll have to replace in a few years anyway? Can you say “sign me up!”?

Small business can move from ineffective solutions to cloud services, or even a combination cloud and a small onsite server to give them a leg up without spending a billion bucks. Again, most can be had for a very reasonable monthly fee.


Most small and medium businesses are using a collection of applications, some free, some old, some clunky, most not integrated, and all contributing to more work and ineffectiveness. There are quite a few pieces of technology that can help most any business. Some businesses benefit from specific industry related software. Put them together the right way and you have a combination that will definitely help you be faster.


When you put together the right technology solutions, things start becoming clear. You realize that you’ve been kind of, well, unproductive. Sometimes you have double or triple entry of data to get just basic information in the different places it needs to go. The right technology will help you be more productive and give you better information to run your business more effectively. The outcome is that you are stronger and better able to compete in your space.

Many small and medium businesses owners and decision makers tend to think that technology that large businesses have and are able to take advantage of is just out of reach, or that it won’t really help much. I’ve even had some folks tell me that they really don’t have any data to protect. I can tell you that the makers of encrypting ransomware are targeting small and medium business because they traditionally lack the resources to protect against it or to recover from it. In fact, some businesses have approached us lately because of this very reason – they were hit by Locky variants and lost data. They lost marketing files, accounting files, client contracts and signatures, etc. Think about how it would affect your business if you lost that sort of data and had to do without it or recreate it.

Can you be faster, stronger, and run your business cheaper without any investment? No, not really. However, if you invest in the right areas and in the right technologies, it will help you be and do all those things. Best of all, you don’t have to do it all by yourself, nor should you.