Who We Are

Our Promise

Whatever we do and however we do it for your business - we will be uncompromising in our integrity, honesty and responsibility.

Our Core Values

Uncompromising Integrity, Honesty and Responsibility

We have zero-tolerance on integrity. It not only shows itself in taking ownership of problems, but it also shows up in personal responsibility as well.

Positive Outlook and Optimistic Approach

In the darkest of times, when someone approaches us with a critical problem and we’ve tried everything we can possibly think of, we remember that if we have that positive outlook and optimistic approach then we can solve any issue, come up with any design, and come to a positive conclusion.

Tenacious Quality of Workmanship

Making sure that our workmanship is above reproach, top notch and that we have a secure, solutions-oriented, procedural and standards based mindset is important to making and keeping clients happy. We work problems until we have a quality and standards based solution.

Proactive Learning Mindset

Lifelong learning is critical for long-term viability in technology. However, we believe this in all phases of our lives and require it in every team member. We believe in an entrepreneurial mindset, innovation, big vision and having a general mentality of learning. This value will take you places whether it is the cattle business, IT or any other business or walk of life.

Devotion to Customer Experience

All of our team works for our client’s, not the Vice President, not the President-our client’s. Everyone at Justice IT Consulting knows that we have our clients’s business in mind, not their just IT. We certainly are an IT services company, but we sell solutions, not IT to clients. This makes us a strategic partner to our client’s not a cost center.

What Makes us Unique

Multi-Generational Family Owned and Operated

The father-son duo, Brooke and Austin Justice, are involved in the day-to-day operations of Justice IT Consulting. The Guiding Values are especially important to this family-run company.

Down to Earth Without any Geek Speak

You won’t find geek-speak or condescending tones at Justice IT Consulting. We’re normal people working hard to provide excellent business solutions to small and medium businesses.

Uncompromised Quality

Every server installed, cloud configured, email set up and computer maintained is done with attention to detail and quality with which it is done.

Our Proven Process

1. Develop Relationship and Trust

This is the first and most important step in our process. Developing a relationship and mutual trust allows us to communicate constructively and start to develop business-focused IT solutions.

2. Define Pain Points

Identifying pain points is an integral part to removing the roadblocks that hinder business on a daily basis. This can be slow computers, business processes that can be automated or introducing technology to allow a sales force to be more mobile.

3. Discover Network and Needs

This includes a deep analysis of the network, servers and solutions in place. Dicovering what is currently in place allows us identify what solutions can remove to eliminate pain points.

4. Implement Toolsets and Standards

Implementing our toolsets and standards allows us to address cyber security, best practices and ensure a positive customer experience.

5. Drive Happiness and Productivity

Service stays forever. As your business grows on a daily basis we do our best to provide an excellent experience and continually provide business solutions.

6. Partner and Client Education

Business and technology always change. That’s why we strive to continually learn about your business, educate ourselves on new technology and provide education to you about solutions for your business.