6 Things We Do Better

1. Our Minimum Standard Meets Department Of Defense Requirements.

As a matter of security, everything we do, software we use and technology we put in place is done with military DOD risk mitigation—Although without all the bureaucracy and slowness.

2. We DON’T Speak Geek.

No geek lingo or condescending tones at Justice IT Consulting. We’re normal people trying to provide clear and concise communication. We don’t wear pocket protectors or high-water pants.

3. We Make Implementing Cyber Security Attainable and EASY. Not a Daily Burden.

Our professionals have years of experience in the Information Technology industry and know what works and what doesn’t. We focus on proven fundamentals and an achievable, layered approach to Cyber Security.

4. We’ll Actually Answer the Phone and Call you Back.

We don’t have an automated recording playing or endless number options. If you call us, it rings the desk phone of an IT professional. If you somehow get our voicemail, we check it—you can expect a call back within 30 minutes.

5. We Focus on Simple and Realistic Approaches NOT False Silver Bullets or Complicated Fancy Gadgets.

Cyber Security isn’t some unreachable million dollar moving target in the sky. And just like get rich quick schemes, silver bullets don’t work— those fancy end all be all gadgets won’t protect you from ransomware or a drained bank account. That’s why we focus on a combination of proven fundamentals and a layered approach of cyber security technology to mitigate risk.

6. We Don’t Compromise on Quality.

Every server installed, cloud configured, email set up and computer maintained is done with attention to detail and quality with which it is done. We know the false economy of cutting corners and aren’t willing for the outcome to be our client’s experience.